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Is there anything more beautiful than a nice greeting for good friends or a selected postcard to surprise them?
Postcards are something you keep, something you look at and read over and over again. Many postcards are given a permanent place of honour on the recipient's wall, refrigerator or shelf.
When choosing our motifs, the emotions they evoke are particularly important to us. For us, the main thing is that the postcard motif gives the written word a frame without being obtrusive.

For all this, we deliver selected postcards, double cards and nostalgic metallic postcards. The Gutrath Verlag deliberately refrains from using exchangeable mass-produced articles.
More than 30 years ago, Gutrath Verlag was founded out of a long-cherished dream of its own postcard publishing house. Over the years, our program has grown steadily without neglecting the love for postcards or the original intentions.
Immerse yourself in our 700+ cards assortment. On the left side you will find our product overview with links to the maps.

Have we aroused your interest? Our regular customers are mainly traders and companies who attach great importance to a selected assortment and high quality goods. You can order our cards via one of our sales representatives, by phone +49- (0)241-603322 or by fax +49- (0)241-603360. In addition, you can buy postcards online since more than 10 years.

If you are looking for a retailer near you who offers our postcards, please send us your postal code by eMail to info @ gutrath. de (please also give us the motif number (s) as well).

We hope that you will have as much fun with our cards as we do!

Your Gutrath Team

PS: If you have any advice, wishes, suggestions or questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Please use our contact form or call us at +49 (0)241 603322. If you have a question or suggestion regarding a specific postcard or postcards, please also tell us the order number of the postcard.DeutschBesuchen Sie auch unseren Shop in deutscher Sprache

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